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Tomato, Tomahto... Hair Techniques

Tomato, Tomahto… who else finds all the different hair technique buzz words we hear about, just as confusing?

We appreciate the names of these different techniques can be over complicated and confusing to know what to ask your stylist for, or even which type of appointment you will be needing. Here at Saints Hair and Beauty, we think that every client deserves the right to have their own personalised colour and so we will often blend different techniques to create the perfect look for you.

Here is clarification of some of the most popular techniques currently on trend:


Balayage is a technique which, when translated into French, means ‘sweeping’ and describes this technique perfectly. Stylists create a feathered colouring effect which builds colour density towards the ends of the hair leaving a more natural regrowth, meaning this technique is generally easy maintenance.


The more traditional technique you may well be used to seeing in a salon. Highlights are put in foil and the colour starts at the root and is painted to the tips in a variety of different thicknesses to give a personalised preference of a subtle or more dramatic finished result. You also have the option of having a variety of different colours used too.


A super subtle ‘just Sunkissed’ look! This technique can be used throughout the hair or for face framing to give a natural softer frame. Ideal for someone having foils for the first time or slightly nervous by the thought of bolder ribbons of colour.


Stepping away from more traditional foiling in recent years, freehand gives stylists the opportunity to have a creative approach to the application process and add pieces of colour where they will sit to compliment the overall style.

If you are ever unsure or are thinking of trying a new look, then please feel free to book a complimentary in depth consultation with one of our team, to discuss your hair colouring options.

To book an appointment, please call us on 01480 215556 or book online here. We look forward to welcoming you soon!


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