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Our guide to looking after 'you'

In a time of uncertainty for us all, everyone needs some help looking after themselves as well as their families. Here are our top ideas to keep an active mind, body and to keep you feeling well during the challenging days we have ahead of us.

Get Outside;

As long as you or your family are not showing any symptoms, or are particularly vulnerable, you are able to leave your home. Go for a walk or take a short drive to your local country park or woods. Take a thermos flask of hot chocolate and enjoy nature. Listen to a podcast, audio book or just listen to the sound around you. If you have children, let them run and explore, burn off their energy, do fairy hunts, treasure hunts or I-spy, and see what you can find! If it is safe to do so, why not visit your local garden center or order some plants online and get gardening. We are lucky we are entering spring as plants and trees are coming back to life, bringing some light back into our lives and giving us something to smile about. Again, get the children involved. This is the perfect time for them to be learning about the way the world works and how things grow. Grab those seed packets from the back of the shed and get planting.

Digital Detox;

Clear your phone of news apps and notifications, emails, texts and phone calls where you can. You don’t need a news reminder every few minutes when you're trying to switch off from it all. Restrict time on social media, as hard as it is. Social media can be full of ‘fake news’ which can be alarming and upsetting. Only use trusted sites for the most accurate information. Try not to take phones and tablets to bed and avoid them for an hour before you go to bed as the light from devices can interfere with your sleep.

Listen and Learn;

Technology isn’t always bad, when used the right way - there are a number of mindfulness and wellbeing apps available on our devices, to help you switch off or just to take a moment to breathe. You can access hundreds of books and audio books from Amazon if you are normally a library goer. Podcasts and music are also widely available through different apps and streaming services, such as Spotify. There are thousands of videos for children and adults to keep you all active, which are available for free via YouTube. Keep your body active with fitness apps and trackers to make sure you keep moving. With the children off, there are also a number of educational tools and resources for them to print off or do online. Joe Wicks is giving free PE lessons at 9am every day via the link here. So, filter what you want to see from your devices, set time limits for all the family throughout the day and monitor what they are accessing.

Make time for you;

We often go by a number of names throughout the day - any parent will know what I mean! However, it is still important to make time for 'you'. Now would be a really good time to dig out those unused gift boxes from Christmas that have been sitting in the back of your cupboard since December. You know the type; the ones with the fancy bath bombs and bubble-baths that you vowed you'd use but still haven't opened. Pop on your hair mask and pour yourself a big glass of something. Take yourself off for a bath and relax. Immerse yourself in a book or catch up on your favourite soap or TV drama and ignore the world for a bit. Try something new - use apps to learn a new language, dig out that craft box you’ve had sitting around or access an online course. Always remember ask for help. If you are struggling, reach out to anyone that can help, where it is safe to do. Make time for a good old chat with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or, if you're able to help, ask a neighbour if they need supplies but can’t get out. Every one of us is in this together and it’s all about teamwork.

Enjoy The Little Things;

Try to remain positive, as much as you can. Most of us will get to experience proper quality family time with the people we are closest to, and usually kept apart from due to work commitments. Enjoy every moment with your partners, families and pets. Put everything down; there will be plenty of time to do your housework.

If you are on the frontline, fighting this for all of us (NHS workers, working in the supermarkets or keeping the country moving) you are all doing a fantastic job and we thank you tremendously. We hope the world goes back to normal very soon so that we can start moaning about the weather again, asking you all where you are going on holiday and enjoying ‘normality’ – whatever that maybe.

From all of us at Saints, take care of yourself and stay safe!


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