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Latest Colour Trends From Wella

As we are nearing the spring and hopefully lighter evenings, Wella have created a new highlighting/balayage technique called "Frosting". This technique creates a seamless finish with a stronger contrast between the highlights and the base colour. This look can be achieved either with lots of foil highlights, or if you want more of a balayage look, then go for a freehand technique using Wella's 'Freelights'.

In some ways it's not all that different to how we already highlight, it's more about nailing a stronger contrast and that can be achieved by upping the lift and using cooler blonde tones like platinum, ash or beige.

Ivory blonde is the ideal hue for frosted hair. It’s cool-toned, clean and provides all the sparkle you could possibly want. If you’re as hooked on this multi-dimensional ‘do as we are, combine that ivory frosting with a few spritzes of Mococcanoil's "Glimmer Shine Spray" to up the glow.


Want to lock down that frosted hair? Then follow these three rules for perfect blonde locks...

Firstly and most importantly protect your hair from heat. Heat styling is one of the top culprits for shade fade, so make sure hair is always protected by using the Paul Mitchell 'Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Spray', which protects fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling and also boosts hair's strength whilst fighting frizz and providing flexible hold.

Secondly, switch up your shampoo. Never underestimate the importance of post-colour haircare. In particular, the shampoo you use after colouring has a huge impact on how long that flawless shade is going to last. That’s why Wella's colour-kind formula, ColorMotion+ Colour Protection Shampoo, is a must-have, harnessing antioxidants to shield strands against dulling, damaging free radicals.

The Paul Mitchell 'Platinum Blonde Shampoo' is a Colour Refreshing Shampoo which is also the dream weekly treat; it is a violet shampoo that neutralises warmth to ensure there’s not a brassy tone in sight through those shining, icy locks. Pair this with the 'Platinum Blonde Conditioner' and 'Platinum Blonde Toning Spray' - not only is this a leave in conditioner but it also has violet tones to banish the brassiness. Spray onto freshly washed towel dried hair for best results.

And thirdly, in between colour appointments, it’s a good idea to go for a hair gloss treatment. This is a speedy shade-refreshing service that renews shine and tone in the space of a lunch break. It’s particularly good for frosted hair, which relies on a cool, icy finish, as it offers an easy fix for highlights that are starting to look a little warm.

Just ask your hair stylist for a free frosting consultation at Saints and we'll get your new colour booked in!


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