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How to colour your hair on a budget

Christmas is set to be anything but normal this year, however, we still want you looking your best for the impending family Zoom Christmas Quiz nights!

You may be thinking about a change of colour or looking to give your hair a bit of a lift to give yourself a boost over winter, but might not be looking for the commitment. We’ve put together a few low maintenance colour ideas that will allow you to go a few months, instead of weeks, in-between your colour services.

Colour Technique: Balayage

Balayage is one of the biggest trends out at the moment. This technique gives you an opportunity to brighten dull blondes, add rich tones to brunettes or enhance warmth in coppers. This technique is completely customisable to suit any hair colour and texture. Unlike highlights, the colour does not go right up to the root and is subtly blended in with your root colour, therefore there are no harsh regrowth lines and colour will continue to blend as it grows. We are also able to refresh your colour in-between appointments, with toners, so when you come in for your regular cut just ask for a toner to be added to your service for that instant boost again.

Colour Technique: Highlights

Okay, hear me out on this one. Having highlights doesn’t mean you have to have a complete full head of foils put in every 6 weeks. There are many ways to give you that highlighted look and feel without the commitment. Again, we can completely customise and tailor your colour to your personal requirements. We can scatter ‘baby lights’ around your hair to add depth and tone; they don’t have to be bright blondes but they can be honey, biscuity blondes, sandy golds, cool ashes, rich coffee brunettes or even reds. They can be kept away from your parting or kept extra soft and subtle around visible points such as your parting and hair lines, depending on how you mainly wear your hair, to keep it as gentle as possible when regrowth begins to peep through.

Colour Technique: Face Framing Pieces

This is a great way to add instant colour around your face, quickly, when you’re on a budget. This look will enhance your best features and by having a chat with your stylist they can help to recommend the tones that will suit your colouring and make your eyes pop. This look has been spotted on celebs such as Beyonce, Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence, all who wanted a subtle change and pop of colour.

The Wild Card: Colour Conditioners

This month sees the launch of the new Wella ‘Colour Fresh Masks’ which do just that. They have a variety of uses, such as adding that pearl or ash tone back over existing highlights, covering all-over colours to give them a few more weeks gloss and shine, they’re great for boosting vibrant coppers and they can also go over natural hair colours to give it some depth and shine on a temporary basis without commitment. It’s only a temporary colour so won’t last forever but will give you that refreshed colour you’re after.

If you're debating a new colour or just need some advice, please feel free to give us a call on 01480 215556 or book a free consultation online via our booking page here. We're always happy to help!

Disclaimer: Photo's shown above are not our own.


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