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Hair Treatments: What they are and why you should be having them

So, you've had a great summer in the sunshine but now your hair is feeling dry, dull, frizzy and splitting at the ends. We've all been there! Too much chlorine and UV rays can damage the hair but there is a way to help protect, prevent damage and restore the hair without the severe haircut - regular deep conditioning treatments.

Treatments are often confused with conditioners, or the term "conditioner" is used as a generalisation to categorise four different types of strengthening and moisturising products. True conditioners are "surface acting" in that they provide temporary protection and strength to the hair. However they only sit on the outside of the hair, leaving a thin protective film which smoothes hair and aids combability. This is different to treatments which penetrate the hair, restoring and maintaining internal strength. Conditioners are generally used every time you shampoo whilst treatments are applied either by you or your hairdresser when needed - no more than once a week normally.

There are two types of treatments: Reconstructors and moisturisers. Reconstructors make the hair stronger and are generally protein based. These are for chemically damaged hair (i.e. from a perm or colour) or breaking or weak hair. After using this type of treatment don’t expect your hair to feel great as they work internally and you may still need a conditioner to make your hair feel smooth. Moisturisers are the most common type of treatment. They balance the moisture content of the cortex (middle of your hair) and are great for frizzy, dry hair and those of you with curly hair that lacks bounce. They help correct physical and chemical damage from the sun, colouring, over drying or heating your hair.

As with most products, treatments should be applied using the instructions on the pack or by your hairdresser. If your hair is in really bad shape, a twice a week treatment may be needed, but generally for fair to poor conditioned hair once a week is recommended. For general maintenance, they should be used once a fortnight or once a month. Remember your hair can only take in so much extra nourishment, so over doing it on the treatment side means you are wasting your money as it is simply rinsing down the plug!

A further benefit of conditioning treatments is that they even out the porosity of the hair. So if you're planning a colour change or dying to go red, then you definitely want to pre-treat

your hair to reduce the risk of an uneven colour and any patchiness.

We offer both the Moroccanoil Intensive Hydrating treatment and the Restorative hair treatment as in-salon services, priced at just £8. The treatments take just 5-7 minutes and you will receive a relaxing mini head massage whilst they work their magic. For more information or to book a treatment please speak to your stylist or call Saints on 01480 215556. Appointments can also be booked online at or by clicking the following link:


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