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GHD versus DIVA

We’re currently stocking two brands of styling irons so I want to give you an honest insight into the pro’s and con’s of both from a personal point of view. We use both GHD’s and DIVA styling irons in the salon and have done for a fair few years now, meaning we can quite confidently say we’ve tried them on practically every hair type, length, texture and style.

GHD’s have been around for over 17 years (WOW!) and became the go-to styling tool for almost every woman I knew in the early 2000’s. Everyone wanted a set and they flew off salon shelves like hotcakes. Jump forward to 2018 and they’re still one of the leading brands in the hairdressing industry.

Their ceramic heat technology creates smooth, sleek results that last, whatever your hair type. They’re fantastic for straightening hair as well as curling and adding waves, so they’re really flexible in use – you don’t need multiple electrical tools to create different looks. We find they have an incredible lifespan too. We tend to replace ours every couple of years for a newer, more up to date set, however invariably they’re still in perfect working order and look pretty tidy too. Just bear in mind we’re usually using them all day every day, so they really are built to last! All the irons operate at 185 degrees which is the optimum temperature to keep your hair in prime condition.

GHD available at Saints Hair & Beauty St Neots

GHD’s are available in 3 different sizes (narrow, regular and wide) and they usually release a couple of limited edition sets every year too. Their prices range from £109 to £175. Please, if you do buy a set, only purchase them from a reputable salon/company or from GHD directly, as there are a lot of fake ones around. They come with 2 years warranty so investing in them is really worthwhile.

In my opinion, DIVA Pro-Styling tools do practically everything the GHD’s do, however they have variable heat settings (110-230 degrees) so you can use a lower temperate for finer, more delicate hair - REALLY handy for those who use bleach and want to avoid any more unnecessary damage! They straighten and curl hair really well as they have ceramic plates with rounded edges like the GHD’s. We use these in the salon daily, too, and they seem to work just as well, however we do find they scratch as they have a shiny coloured coating to them.

Diva available at Saints Hair & Beauty St Neots

DIVA are a multi-award winning brand which are now used all over the world by celebrities and session stylists alike. They’re a British company with a wide range of products available, including hairdryers. I own one myself and absolutely love it, but that’s a blog for another day. DIVA’s Pro Styling tools retail from £74.99 to £129.99.

Overall, both irons are great and we really like using them. Some of us prefer the GHD’s and some prefer the DIVA, but as a whole, they’re both fantastic products that seem to stand the test of time. If you’d like to try them out for yourself before you make your purchase, please ask your stylist to give you a demo of them both. They will be more than happy to help!

- Availability -

We currently have the DIVA Intelligent Digital Stylers in five different colours; Turquoise, Blush, Magenta, Serenity and Tranquillity. We have these on offer for just £70.

We have two types of GHD’s in stock at the moment; the GHD IV Styler at £109 and the GHD Gold V Classic Styler at £135.


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