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A/W 2019 Trends - Fringes

The fringe we're loving right now? It's all about the "French girl fringe" or what we fondly call in the salon "The Gringe" which is essentially a grown out fringe. It’s ideal for anyone growing out a full fringe or for someone wanting to try a fringe but who isn’t quite ready for the full fringe look. The thought behind the French girl fringe is that it’s grown out, centre-parted and has a hint of relaxed sophistication. Think Brigitte Bardot mixed with bit of Alexa Chung. The French girl fringe is super versatile and can be tailored to work with different face shapes, lengths and hair textures to enable you to express your individuality, so it’s ideal for reinventing your style for 2020.

If you have super-fine hair that gets oily really quickly, you might want to re-think this particular style of fringe and go for a fuller fringe, as you may feel that it won’t have enough weight to sit properly. As seen on Emma Stone, it’s a much softer full fringe.

Ask your hairdresser to consider your face shape so you choose the best fringe line that’s most flattering for you. The French girl fringe can range in length from the centre of the forehead above the eyebrow to skimming or even sitting in your eyes.

The main difference is usually a more square line compared to previous seasons and the texture is much looser, lighter and textured. If you have finer, straighter hair you would be best to opt for a fuller fringe that is visually broken up with a deep point cutting technique. That way, the hair has enough weight to sit well without too much styling from you.

If your hair is thicker and has more natural movement, ask for a layered fringe over-directed to a stationary centre point or where your hair parts naturally. This will give you shorter, more textured hair in the centre of the fringe that naturally gains weight and length towards the cheekbones.

But if this style of fringe isn’t for you then there are plenty of other options to suit your face shape and hair type.

Simply come in for a consultation or ask your Saints stylist during your appointment, what would suit you. And remember; if you’re already a client at our salon you get free fringe trims in-between appointments!

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