What you can expect from us…

  • Our team will be wearing gloves, masks and visors throughout the duration of your appointment.

  • Signs have been placed around the salon, reminding everyone to maintain social distancing.

  • We cannot provide magazines or hot drinks – please bring your own if you require them. We will, however, be providing cold water in disposable cups.

  • All gowns and towels are washed after every use.

  • All stations will be sanitised after each client has left.


What we expect from you…

  • Please attend your appointment on your own, unless you need assistance.

  • Please arrive on time and wait outside the salon, until we invite you in.

  • You will be given a bag containing a clean gown and towel to put on, along with a face mask that you must wear at all times. You must put your belongings in this bag.

  • You will be expected to sanitise your hands upon arrival.

  • If you, or someone in your household, is unwell or has come into contact with someone carrying Covid-19, you MUST NOT attend your appointment. We are happy to rebook it after 14 days have passed.


We will be taking a non-refundable deposit for all appointments at the time of booking, for the foreseeable future. There will be a 48 hour cancellation period.


We will only be open for pre-booked appointments. Please telephone the salon if you wish to book an appointment.


We will be open for all hair services but are currently unable to offer any beauty treatments, including nails, until we have permission from the Government.


All services will be subject to a £2 PPE surcharge. This is to cover the cost of protecting both our team and our clients with the relevant protective equipment and additional sanitising time required between each client. Unfortunately this is a cost that we are unable to absorb.


All colour clients will be required to have a new skin test prior to booking a colour service. This is a mandatary requirement. Once the 48 hour waiting period has ended, we can then book your appointment.


We will be working our way through our client list to ensure that everyone who was previously booked in is given an appointment. Because of the high volume of these clients, we will not initially be prioritising clients under the age of 16.

We thank you for your cooperation.