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Our 10 commandments for blonde hair

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Here are our 10 commandments for keeping blonde hair in perfect condition;

1. Thou shall not rush the process: Thanks to Kimmy K and Selena, we now have unrealistic expectations that going blonde can happen overnight. Expensive looking blonde takes time and expertise. Remember that this kind of change is often a colour journey – it can take three or four appointments to reach your blonde goal. Listen to your colourist’s advice so you fully understand what is achievable – don’t rush it, great hair takes time!

Saints Hair and Beauty St Neots Instagram Images

2. Thou shall find the perfect hairdresser: Get your Instagram stalk on. The best way to tell whether a hairdresser will be able to fulfil your blonde ambition (or any hair ambition for that matter) is to take a look at their previous work. If in doubt, just ask! Check out our photos on Instagram and Facebook for some of our previous work. Just search for Saints Hair and Beauty or Hairdressers in St Neots.

3. Thou shall not attempt DIY bleaching: Or at the very least, be extremely careful if you've never done it before. Home bleaching can easily damage the hair if overused and not done correctly.

4. Thou shall use Wellaplex: There's no two ways about it – bleaching damages the hair. But the best way to lessen this damage is to use Wellaplex. We always recommend Wellaplex with every session involving bleach. This helps protect the hair from the inside out.

5. Thou shall not overwash: Following your salon appointment, try to go as long as possible in between washing your hair. Over-washing can strip your hair of essential moisture and cause your colour to fade. If it's your first time as a blonde, you'll notice that your hair is already drier in texture than you're accustomed to, so you should easily be able to add an extra day into your wash schedule without much thought.

6. Thou shall use a toning shampoo: Bleach blonde is notorious for colour shifting and can turn yellow if left unattended over time. The way to combat this is by neutralising brassy tones with a purple or toning shampoo.

7. Thou shall not brush hair when wet: This advice applies to all hair colours, but because blonde hair is already damaged from bleaching, it's extra important to remember. When hair is wet it's more susceptible to damage and it doesn't take much pulling from a brush or comb to cause breakage.

8. Thou shall swim with extra care: If you're an avid swimmer you need to protect your blonde. Not only does chlorine turn beautiful blondes a shade of green but is also very damaging and drying to the hair. Swimming caps will help protect the hair, however, we also recommend smothering your hair in conditioner before entering the pool and under your cap. Conditioner is a heavy-duty product that water will struggle to mix with and therefore help protect your hair further. Do not forget to wash your hair thoroughly afterwards.

Saints Hair and Beauty Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press

9. Thou shall not heat style unless necessary: Put down the straightener, hair dryer and curling tongs! Your hair will already be vulnerable from the bleaching process, so try not to add to that by overloading it with heat. If you really can't cope without your hair tools, prep your hair with a heat protectant spray like Paul Michell's 'Hot Off The Press' before using your tongs. Not only is this product perfect for protecting your hair, it also has a light hold to help it stay in style - whether curly or straight.

10. Thou shall multi-mask: Just like multi-masking for your skin, multi-masking your hair will target the different needs of different areas – ie. your scalp and your lengths – for stronger, healthier blonde hair. Massage a scalp serum into the roots of your hair, and then apply a nourishing hair mask throughout your lengths.


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